Fred Carlock passed his last breath at 4:30 am on Tuesday, the 24th day of November 2009. His family was at his bedside the entire night and he never suffered. He was buried today December 7th 2009 at Calvary Cemetery after a Funeral Mass at St. James Cathedral per his wishes. Please send any condolences/correspondence to

Please continue to use the below test to assess your knowledge of Federal Wage Hour Law Compliance. In his many years as a Federal Wage Hour Law Investigator for the Department of Labor and even after his retirement as a consultant for those businesses being investigated, Fred Carlock never left the spirit of the law's intent on protecting workers from unfair practices. He will be missed.

You and I Need to Talk...
...About Compliance With the Federal Wage Hour Laws!!

Why? You may have a backwage liability that you are not aware of!!

Three National "random" sample surveys of employers revealed that 6 out of 10 employers owe backwages to employees. These surveys were spaced at seven year intervals.

What percentile are you in?
Are you positive that your present time keeping, exemptions taken, and pay practices comply with the various labor laws? Now is the time to find out before a possible costly wage-hour investigation

How well informed are you about the Federal Wage Hour law?
Try this free sample test!
(Note, this test is not recorded in any manner)
1. It is permissible for employees to perform "contract work" for their employer after they complete their regular shift of work? True    False

2. Salaried employees paid over $700 per week are exempt from the overtime compensation requirement? True    False

3. Computer Systems Analysts and Programmers are exempt from the overtime pay requirement if they are paid $28 per hour? True    False

4. Computer Systems Analysts and Programmers are exempt from the overtime pay requirement if they are paid a salary of $460 per week? True    False

5. Home to work travel, back to the employer's place of business, on an emergency call, after working their regular shift, 2nd trip, is hours worked? True    False

6. Employers have to pay for the time spent by new employees completing forms and attending orientation? True    False

7. Employers have to pay overtime compensation on shift differentials or incentive pay? True    False

8. Overtime pay is due only for hours over 80 if employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis? True    False

9. Employees have to be paid overtime compensation on their extra commissions along with hourly pay for their regular work? True    False

10. Minors, under 16 years of age, have a limitation on the hours they may work while school is in session? True    False

11. Minors, 16 and 17 years of age, can work in any of the Hazardous Work Occupations if their work is limited to 2 hours daily? True    False

12. Male and female employees, performing similar work, same location, all factors equal, must be paid the same rate of pay but are not required to receive the same fringe benefits? True    False

Why Should You Talk To Me?
I can tell you, in a brief telephone conversation, whether you may have a possible wage-hour problem and at no cost to you for the brief telephone call. How can I say this with such confidence?

49 Years total in Wage-Hour Experience!
25 Years with the Wage-Hour Division of US
      Department of Labor
    9 Years - Wage Hour Investigator
    16 Years - Area Director Western North Carolina
*24 Years Private Consulting

Additional Services Offered To Employers

Teaching Employers about the provisions of the law on a "need to know" basis, including how to "self audit" their business
Reviewing with the employer, current time keeping, exemptions taken, and pay practices, advising on changes that need to be made.

Reviewing and advising employers on the validity of alleged violations and the amount of backwages allegedly due.
The above services, offered as a Consultant, are based on the expertise acquired from years of experience working with these laws. The service should not be interpreted as offering legal advice. If legal services are required, the advice of a competent attorney should be sought.

Fred Carlock, Consultant
Federal Wage-Hour Laws

Member of the National Association Wage Hour Consultants